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Help students get a decent school lunch!

We want to make sure more kids can enjoy a decent school lunch every day.

Approximately 25 million kids at public schools do NOT qualify for a free lunch.  Kids with unpaid school lunch balances get a lousy cheese sandwich for lunch or they go without a meal in many cases.  And 70% of school districts have significant unpaid school lunch balances.  That's a lot of kids!

Unlike other fundraisers addressing this issue, we operate at a national level.

We also have a unique approach to this problem of lunch debt.  We prefer to set up  "emergency lunch funds" instead of paying down lunch debt, so if a student does not have money that day our fund pays for their meal.  

We have already donated $7,575 to 8 school districts in 6 states (CA, FL, IA, IN, NJ, WA).  But why stop there, right?

Donate now.  It only takes a few seconds.  

And from July 18th to August 27th, every donor will receive a free download with recent songs from Dalton Rapattoni, The House on Cliff, and Lauren Carnahan.

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